The Future of Precious Metals

If you have recently become interested in precious metals as an investment, you are certainly not alone.  All over the world discerning investors are choosing to buy gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, due to their many positive qualities as an investment vehicle.  In this day and age, finding a safe investment can be very difficult, and precious metals have historically proven themselves to be a sagacious decision when the economy is not faring well.  Precious metals are growing in popularity every day and the price is only going to keep going up.  If you are considering investing your fiat currency in precious metals, you would be wise to proceed with haste.

One of the most appealing factors about precious metals as an investment option is that they are immune to the many problems that affect fiat currency.  We have seen the paper dollar be devalued at a rapid pace in recent times, and this problem is not showing any signs of changing.  Precious metals have remained a legitimate store of value for many centuries, and will continue to do so for many to come.

We can logically speculate that the price of precious metals will continue to rise for a variety of influential factors.  First, the demand for these metals in an industrial setting is rising very quickly.  Precious metals are much more than a rare and beautiful item; they are also an essential component in many modern industries.  One example would be dentistry.  Another, that is especially topical, is the electronics industry.  As technology continues to progress and evolve, the need for precious metals will grow exponentially.  Precious metals have certain properties that other metals simply cannot offer.

Knowing that precious metals will be extremely prominent in the future helps us to feel good about our investments.  The demand for these metals is only going to increase, and so will the price.  Because these natural resources are finite and cannot be synthesized, we know that they will become more valuable as they are utilized.  By purchasing them now, you will own an object that has enormous potential in the future.

If you are interested in learning more about the future of precious metals and how they can benefit you directly, call or e-mail a reputable dealer for more information.  Any good dealer should be able to tell you about the intricacies of each metal and how they will work for you.

Buying Silver Eagles

Coin collecting is one of the oldest and most popular hobbies around, though despite the fact that it has been around and popular for so long it isn’t always going to be the easiest hobby for new people to get into.  In the past, the biggest problem with trying to start a coin collecting was that it was simply going to be too hard to really find anyplace you could go in order to start purchasing coins.  Most of the coin collectors during this time would have to inherit the coin collection from someone else or at the very least have been guided from a young age to help find places where they could go to start their coin collections.

Unlike with some of the other hobbies out there you aren’t going to be able to find a store that specializes solely in just selling coins.  This is because that one of the strengths of coin collecting is that it is going to be a timeless hobby.  You could stop collecting for years only to start up again later and not really be effected as it is going to be impossible to actually collect all the coins out there as new ones are always being discovered and minted.  This freedom is great for the collector, but it can be quite rough on anyone who was planning on selling coins locally as it means that they might have several years where a customer is not going to be coming in to make purchases, meaning it will be a very risky endeavor.

Since we have entered into a more digital age though distance is no longer going to be a problem so it is going to be possible for coin dealers to set up shop online and have a large and active enough audience where they aren’t going to have to worry about their customers taking a break as there will always be enough activity to ensure that they have customers.

Picking a first coin can be difficult as well for anyone getting started.  A popular choice of coin for first time coin collectors is going to be the silver eagleSilver coins tend to be a more popular choice for anyone getting started because there are going to be more of them available than any other type of precious metal, not to mention that while there are many silver coins that are going to be seen as being rare and valuable, they are also going to be quite reasonably priced.

Buying Palladium Bullion

Palladium is a precious metal which has very similar properties to that of platinum. Palladium bullion is available to investors in coin or a bar forms, which has been made from palladium. These products can be purchased and sold as a form of precious metal investment.

Palladium has genuine value and there are quite a number of different ways to go about buying palladium bullion. Various sources include online dealers, brokerage firms and even via online sites such as eBay, although extreme caution should be used if purchasing from online auction sites. Palladium is available either bullion bars or coins, so the question is – which form is best?

Coins are an easy and effective way to invest in precious metals and they are easy to transport as well. The most popular of all the palladium bullion coins is the Royal Canadian Mint’s Palladium Maple Leaf coin. Good quality palladium coins including the likes of the Maple Leaf are usually ninety five percent or more pure palladium. This means that the value of your coin holds its value at whatever the going price for palladium may be. For example, if you own a one ounce palladium coin and the current market price for palladium is six hundred and fifty United States dollars per ounce, then it will be possible to be able to sell your palladium coin to the market for that price and often times even higher, depending on the level of both availability and demand.

Palladium bars are an equally effective way of investing in this precious metal. Macro investors such as banks or large investors tend to prefer bars because they stack easily and can therefore be stored in a more efficient manner. Historically, especially in the case of PAMP and Credit Suisse, palladium bars tend to have a higher premium than is the case with palladium coins. On the other hand, smaller investors are more likely to prefer coins.

The choice between buying palladium coins and palladium bars should ultimately be determined in the end by the price and what your bullion storage situation currently is. Whether in the form of bars or coins, you should always purchase palladium bullion at the very best price that you possibly can. Of course, there are other factors that should also be taken into account prior to making an investment in palladium, including the source, quality condition and the current palladium spot price.

The Issue of Fake Gold Bars

You don’t need to be paranoid to find the news about the discovery of a one kilogram gold bar, which had been certified as being ninety nine point ninety eight percent pure by X-ray fluorescence (XFR), turning out to be fake – mostly drilled out and having been replaced by tungsten. The fake was only discovered due to the fact that it was two grams lighter than it should have been, with the forgers failing to add enough gold to the exterior of the bar to correct the weight which was lost by the replacement of gold with tungsten. If the forgers had succeeded in getting the weight right, however, the fake would most likely still be in circulation today.

There are of course ways of testing gold bars aside from just X-ray fluorescence or weight. If weighed accurately, the purity of a gold bar can be tested by basically dropping it into a bucket of water and then seeing by how much the water level will rise (a tungsten bar covered in gold will displace water more than a genuine bar of pure gold). On the other hand, you could pay out three thousand United States dollars in order to purchase a micro ohm meter, which is sensitive enough to be able to tell the difference in terms of conductivity between a genuine bar of pure gold and one which is primarily tungsten.

Such tests are not exactly standard with gold dealers however and besides it is only a very small amount of the world’s gold bars which are actually physically traded. Anyone who owns gold – whether you have your own personal stash and if you’re a central bank or physical gold ETF – is not going to go through each and every bar in order to test them all.

It is therefore a rather alarming prospect to consider just how much wealth that people might think they have but in actuality don’t. If there are as many as one point three million salted four hundred ounce bars in existence, and every one of them is seventy five percent tungsten, that would make for as many as three hundred and ninety million ounces of gold which is not actually real. At one thousand, six hundred and sixty United States dollars per ounce, that would be more than six hundred billion US dollars which people think they own – but really don’t.

Starting a Rare Silver Coin Collection on a Modest Budget

It is no longer true that coin collecting is solely the “hobby of kings.” In the past, coins were typically collected by wealthy individuals. These days, collectors with varying income ranges collect coins as a way to secure their wealth and to enjoy a hobby that has been popular throughout the ages. If you are on a limited budget, you may consider starting a rare silver coin collection that you can build on over time.

Many collectors get started on a modest budget and eventually build valuable collections that boost their overall wealth. When starting a rare silver coin collection, do not rush into things. It can be tempting to purchase the first interesting coin that you find available online. However, this can be a costly mistake. For one, how will you know which coins are authentic and which are fake? How will you know if the coin is being sold at a fair price?

Before diving into purchasing coins for your collection, take a little time to learn the basics of coin collecting. As you gain knowledge on how coins are graded and what additional characteristics of a rare silver coin can enhance or diminish its value, you will improve your ability to pick out coins that will gain significant value with time. Bear in mind that even the most experienced collector runs the risk of purchasing fake coins, which is why it cannot be stressed enough that coin collectors should only purchase coins from well-known coin dealers.

A coin dealer who has built a positive reputation and who offers first-rate client services will also be able to make suggestions for coins that fit within your budget. Since reputable coin dealers strive to develop long-term relationships with their clients, they are not likely to offer you coins that are well outside of your budget. They are more likely to work with you so that you can build wealth over time and ensure the longevity of your coin collection.

When collecting silver coins, don’t expect to make a fortune in a short period of time. Consider your hobby an enjoyable process where you will build wealth as you gain experience. Have fun with your newfound pastime. If you are like most coin collectors, you will find the experience of learning about coins throughout history incredibly satisfying. The financial rewards will come as you create a varied coin collection and learn how to sell coins at the right time.

The Importance of Owning Precious Metals

If you are interested in investing in precious metals, you are not alone.  This timeless method of securing finances has enjoyed a serious resurgence recently, due to the current faltering economy.  With unemployment rates running so high, and the cost of living growing every day, finding reasonable solutions can be difficult.

Many people are forced to put themselves on tight budgets and are no longer able to enjoy the same quality of life that they were once used to.  While this is certainly unfortunate, it is not always necessary.  Investing in gold or silver can generate significant profit if you approach it with a prudent mind and a keen eye.

Silver is often thought of as the more volatile precious metal because its price is easily swayed by socioeconomic occurrences.  Silver is less expensive than gold so its price moves a bit more.  By purchasing silver when the price is very low and then reselling it when the price shoots back up, you can make quick speculative profits with minimal work.

As long as you follow current market trends and make a point to be adamant about knowing the latest price quotes, you can make your investment pay off with large monetary gains.  You can purchase silvers bars, junk coins, or bullion coins like the silver eagle.

Gold is well known because it is a perfect hedge against recession and inflation.  Gold retains its worth regardless of what may be going on with the paper dollar.  In fact, the demand for gold grows significantly during times of recession as many citizens look to own this yellow metal.  You too can reap the benefits of a gold investment today.  Having a diverse financial portfolio is very important these days. The dollar is in decline, and the stock markets are a mess. The best way to protect your assets is by investing in precious metals like silver.

Whether you prefer to invest in gold, silver, or both, you can rest easy knowing that your money is secured and safe.  Investing in gold and silver is one of the most effective ways to protect your savings and assets. With interest rates so low it just does not make sense to keep large amounts of money sitting in savings accounts.

If you would like to learn more about the importance of owning precious metals today, simply contact a dealer for more information on making your silver and gold purchases. Securing your wealth with precious metals just makes sense.

Investing in The Precious Metals Market is A Sound Financial Decision

If you, much like many other people in the world today, are having difficulty navigating your investment options in this difficult global economic climate, then there are some things you should know.  While many of the investment strategies that you may be familiar with no longer feasible options, there are still ways that you can safely retain the value of your assets while also watching them accrue value over time.  If you are looking for a stable, recession-proof market in which to invest your hard earned money, then you should look no further than the precious metals market.  In times of economic disparity, the precious metals market actually thrives and value increases astronomically.  One precious metal that has outperformed more standard investment metals such as silver and gold is palladium.  In recent history, palladium has seen a surge in value, particularly over the past year.  If you are looking for the right investment vehicle for you, palladium may be the option that you are looking for.

Palladium is a rare, silvery white transition metal that is close on the periodic table to platinum.  For a long time, palladium was undervalued because it was only seen as a cheap alternative to platinum.  Many things have changed since then, and now palladium is very valuable.  Some of the things that contributed to a change in how palladium was viewed was the discovery that it could be alloyed with gold, and also techniques were developed that could keep it from tarnishing.  Many countries mint their own palladium coins, and palladium is internationally recognized as a form of currency.  Soon, the United States of America may start producing their own palladium bullion coin.  Production has already been approved, and it is only a matter of time before a palladium coin is produced in this country.  Palladium coins were first produced in the country of Sierra Leone and since many other countries have followed suit.  Most of the world’s palladium has been held in Russia, but in more recent years much of this Russian palladium has come onto the market.

Investing in the precious metals market is a sound financial decision.  By investing in the precious metals market, you ensure that your wealth will accumulate in value over time.  Precious metals investing is a safe way to ensure that your money sticks around for the long haul.

Conditions Are Right For Gold To Rise

The world’s main economies are held back by staggering debt, high unemployment, high prices, and unstable stock markets. Yet, this is precisely the reason the current high run of gold is far from over. The Euro Zone debt mess will linger on through 2012 causing stocks to be more like a roller coaster ride that a place for investing. Yet, the spot price of the gold bar could hit $2500 per ounce this year.

Yes, Greece is getting their bailout. Yet, this only means Greece will not go bankrupt today. It will be many years before Greece’s economy sees anything resembling normal growth. Other European countries like Portugal and Italy could end up like Greece if they aren’t careful. This situation has caused the stock market to swing up and down and will probably remain this way through the remainder of the year at least.

There is a way to combat devalued currency, the EU’s debt mess, and the rocky stock market. The solution is to back your assets with gold bullion. If your current investment portfolio is paper heavy you need to take a serious look at gold. There is one reason gold has been used as a hedge for thousands of years, it works. When stocks lose a year’s value in one day, gold can be there to turn this disaster into a small glitch. The FED is pumping more paper money into the US economy. This is causing inflation, yet the best fighter of inflation is gold.

Just because Greece will be receiving their bailout doesn’t make everything in Europe alright. The Euro is a shell of its once mighty self, and could collapse. Europe is still in danger of dipping into recession. This will have a negative and global impact if this occurs. Yet, these are the right conditions to send gold off into the stratosphere. If you are not backing your portfolio with gold you could be financially ruined if you do not remedy this fast. Keep in mind this might be the year gold hits the mystical $2500 per ounce.

In the end, the main economies of the world are held down by massive amounts of debt. While it looks like Greece will indeed be bailed out, this is only a small piece of the European debt puzzle. The Euro itself could fail, and Europe might end up in recession. Still, gold is poised to set all kinds of new records.

Peace Silver Dollars Offer Beautiful Additions to Coin Collections

With the objective of creating a coin design that would be emblematic of peace, Italian-American sculptor Anthony de Francisci created the Peace dollar design that has since been very popular among coin collectors around the world.

The obverse (front) side of the coin includes the profile of Lady Liberty. Also on the obverse side of these silver dollars are the minting year and the words “LIBERTY” and “IN GOD WE TRUST.” The reverse (back) side of the coin includes a perched bald eagle with the sun’s rays emanating in the background. The words “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” “E PLURIBUS UNUM,” “ONE DOLLAR”, and “PEACE” can also be found on the reverse side of the silver coin.

Francisci was one of many competitors hoping to win the bid that would get their design on the now famous coin. At 34, Francisco was the youngest and least experienced among the competitors. Nevertheless, he won the competition with his beautiful design.

The depiction of Liberty on the silver dollars was based on the features of Francisci’s wife, Teresa de Francisci. The designer lacked the time to find a professional model for the coin. Teresa once stated that when she immigrated to the United States, she remembers admiring the Statue of Liberty as they passed by aboard a ship. In a letter to her brother, Teresa wrote that, “seeing myself as Miss Liberty on the new coin, it seems like the realization of my fondest childhood dream.Francisci stated that while the profile of Liberty resembles his wife, the face was elongated in order to create the design he originally had in mind.

For the reverse side of the coin, Francisci submitted two versions of his design. The design that did not make it on the coin included a warlike eagle that was depicted breaking a sword. The less aggressive design that included an eagle grasping an olive branch won out.

Today’s collectors will find a variety of Peace silver dollars to add to their collections, some more difficult to find than others. These unique coins were minted from 1921 until 1928, and then again from 1934 until 1935. Coins with the mintmark “D” were minted at the Denver, Colorado Mint and those with an “S” were minted at the San Francisco Mint. Interestingly, 316,076 Peace dollars were struck in 1965 at the Denver Mint but were eventually melted down before ever being offered to the public.

What is a Rare Silver Coin

According to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, the definition of rare is an item or circumstance that is “marked by unusual quality, merit or appeal”. In the coin collecting world, the word rare can be thrown around by coin dealers in an attempt to persuade the prospective purchaser that an opportunity for this type of coin does not come around often. Unfortunately, in many instances, the coin dealer’s self-proclaimed rare silver coin is based on no actual market definition and in many cases is simply a ploy for a coin dealer to make an increased profit on an all too common coin.

If the Rare Silver Coin is Worth its Weight in Silver it is not Rare

In determining whether to purchase a rare silver coin, some initial online research is always a good place to start. A common rule among coin collectors is that if the coin’s asking price closely resembles the market price for the coin’s sliver content, then the coin should not be considered rare.

It is a good practice to see what type of market exists for the specific rare silver coin you are looking for. If another identical coin can be easily found online, then the chances are the coin is not rare.

Popular Coins Equal Common Coins

If through your research you find information about the high level of a coin’s popularity, this is a prime indication that the coin is not rare. Coins such as the Morgan silver dollar, although highly marketable to the novice rare silver coin collectors, the coin’s global circulation indicates that this coin is far from being rare.

Using the Sheldon Rarity Scale

If research can be found on the amount of coins currently in circulation, a prospective rare silver coin purchaser can use the Sheldon Rarity Scale to see what classification the coin falls under.

The Sheldon Rarity Scale bases a coin’s classification on one of eight definitions: Common, less common, scarce, very scarce, rare, very rare, prohibitively rare and unique or nearly so.

In order for a coin to be considered rare, the coin in question must have a known circulation of no more than 75 coins.

Deciphering common coins from rare coins can be a difficult and heart-wrenching task to complete properly. It is of the utmost importance however to make this analysis no matter how appealing the coin and its’ price may appear to the prospective buyer.